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During my career as a designer I have had the chance to design and develop a number of different web sites.  I program in HTML, PHP, mySQL, Flash actionScript, and javaScript.  The sites listed below are some of my most recent projects.


The Balancing Act - Home Page

My biggest achievement for this web site is “Show Builder” the custom backend that I designed to feed all of the daily content to the home page and the site.  The development team consisted of myself and another php, mySQL programmer who assisted with a lot of the code and debugging.  The original system was created just as a CMS to schedule the content on the home page but was robust enough that it quickly became the main tool for the producers to actually schedule and plan the shows.   This web based application has successfully scheduled over two years worth of daily television shows with over 2,500 video segments.  Not only is it used to collect the data for each video segment, but it also send out broadcast alerts, tracks click and views, runs sweepstakes, and weekly newsletters.

Show Builder - The magic that drives the show

Show Builder - Show Segment Screen

Show Builder - Edit Segment Data

Show Builder - Creating Shows from Segments

Show Builder - Automated Email Newsletter System

Show Builder - Host Wardrobe Catalog

Show Builder - Sweepstakes Module

Show Builder - Broadcast Alerts


This site was design around the same backend television show CRM “Show Builder”  as The Balancing Act.

Designing Spaces - Home Page


O2 Media Corporate Website


Flash Video Juke Box

www.OneModelPlace.com – Header Design and The Scene Page


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