Set Design

My background in architecture and association with television production companies has provided me with a number of opportunities to be involved in both virtual and real set designs.    In the early days of computer animation I developed a number of techniques for producing very highly realistic animated sets that could be combined with green screen techniques to produce results that were both economical as well as highly successful.  The end product was so convincing that most people never knew that the shows were shot on a virtual set.

Virtual Sets

American Medical Review Virtual Set Design

To get everything right I am the Technical Director on the Set

AMR Set in 3D Studio

I even added in details like additional cameramen

Talent Rendered into the Set - The only things real are the talent and chair

Working with Walter Cronkite

Morley Safer on the Environmental Review Virtual Set

Eye on Technology Virtual Set

Technical Direction on Medical Review Set -

Real Set

The Balancing Act

The Balancing Act Kitchen Area

Under Construction

Finished Set

Finished Kitchen Area

Set in Use

USAF Command - Air Force Video

USAF Command Video Set

USAF Command Video Set Design

War Room Set - Designed all the Video Screens and on Set Graphics

War Room Screens

War Screens

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