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Posted by Andrew on Sep 29, 2011 in Code

More and more web pages are used more as applications than just web pages. One of the best ways to do this is with the use of AJAX. Ajax isn’t a programming language but a methodology that uses existing languages such as javaScript and PHP. Using ajax allows the developer to update that web page without actually reloading the whole page. The most well know use of this is on Google where they begin giving you search words as you start to type them.

A good way to get into AJAX is to go through this tutorial on the W3Schools web site. Click here.


Posted by Andrew on Jul 21, 2011 in Animation

My work at Legal Graphicworks has gotten me back into doing a lot more 3D animation work. This is a still frame from an animation I am working on for Gene Lawrence of the Lawrence Group Architects.

Bay Colony Rendering

The Lawrence Group Architects


Work at Legal Graphicworks leads to Interview on CBS 12

Posted by Andrew on Jul 6, 2011 in Animation

Andrew McClary joined Legal Graphicworks as the Vice President of Interactive Media less than two months ago and has already had a chance to help provide graphic support for a major case, the Casey Anthony trial. The job of the graphic team at Legal Graphicworks was to come up with clear and easy to understand graphics and trial boards to allow the defense attorneys to effectively convey the evidence to the jury. CBS 12 of Palm Beach interviewed Andrew and the CEO of the company Jim Lucas shortly after the trial ended.


My Electric Car Project is Chosen as a finalist

Posted by Andrew on Jun 1, 2011 in Hobbies


My electric car project, the EVGT-40 was chosen as a finalist in EVtv’s $20,000 EV Components Contest.  This is a great honor to be selected out of the 900+ entries that they received.  Winning this contest would really take the EVGT-40 to a level that I could never afford to take it to.  I really need everyone’s help to win. 

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Andrew McClary Joins Legal GraphicWorks as Vice President of Interactive Media

Posted by Andrew on May 31, 2011 in Employment

[Palm Beach, FL; June 1, 2011] – Legal GraphicWorks, a full service legal presentation and litigation support firm located in Palm Beach, Florida, announced that Andrew McClary has joined the firm. McClary joins Legal GraphicWorks as Vice President of Interactive Media and will be responsible for computer animation, post production, and developing custom software for the company. In his 20+ years in multimedia, McClary has specialized in computer animation, dynamic web design, web database, iPhone, interactive CD-ROMs, printed materials and broadcast television.

Legal Graphic Works also partners on many projects with The Lawrence Group Architects and ACI Architects for design and presentation materials. For Mr. McClary, a graduate of Ball State University College of Architecture, working with both computer animation and the chance to work again in architecture is very exciting. In 1995, Mr. McClary wrote and published the multimedia CD-ROM, “Exploring Ancient Architecture”.


New Looks for the Shows

Posted by Andrew on Apr 27, 2011 in Web Design

New ads and look I designed for O2 Media’s television shows, The Balancing Act, and Designing Spaces.


Validating Email Addresses

Posted by Andrew on Apr 18, 2011 in Code, Web Design

Validating emails in your forms can eliminate a lot of false data as well as prevent hackers from using the entry field for attacks. The best way to do this is by using regular expressions to parse through the entry and make sure that it contains characters that are valid for a normal email address. Over the years I have used a number of functions to do this. The one below I think works best. It is actually a compilation of a few techniques I have found on other sites that have discussed this issue so I can’t take credit for it, except to say that it works and is worth using in your own code.

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Securing PHP Form Data from hackers

Posted by Andrew on Mar 19, 2011 in Code

I recently had a hacker try to gain access to our database. This attack prompted me to revisit the security placed on the site. When you use forms in your website, you have to protect them from hackers who will seek to gain access to send emails or insert spam links into your web site. There are a few steps you can take to prevent this from happening. Not doing so will pretty much assure that sooner or later your site will get attacked by a hackers robot code.
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Video Formats Explained – HTML5

Posted by Andrew on Feb 25, 2011 in Web Design

I have been working with computer video formats since they first came out with Cinapak on the “Video Spigot”.  At that time it was a miracle to get any video to play on a computer.  Since that time video on a computer has gotten very common place.   I work with a lot of people who create videos but have very little understanding of the different formats.  HTML5 is now implemented into most modern browsers and supports a number of formats without any special players.  The most common of these is mp4, ogg, and flv.   (Note that flv is a Flash format and still requires Adobe Flash to be played back. The other formats are now directly supported in HTML5.)

It is important to understand how your video is getting compressed and played back.  I have often struggled trying to explain the different formats and how they are played back by the software.  I just came across a great article by Mark Pilgrim that does an excellent job of explaining internet video.  The article is about the new HTML5 video implementation but he does  a great job of also explaining video containers  and what a video codec is.   If you work with video on computers or the internet then this is a great primer.

Video on the Web – Mark Pilgrim


CNC Creations

Posted by Andrew on Feb 22, 2011 in CNC Operation

In 2001, I came across an ad for a piece of equipment called a Shopbot.  It was a CNC, computer numerically controlled router, that could be programmed to cut out 2D and 3D parts from wood, fiberboard, and soft metals.   I took my knowledge of 3D computer modeling and brought what had just been pixels on a screen into real life.  It was my Star Trek “replicator.”  From my work with this machine came Adventure Furniture, Inc. which later became Fan Creations.  I was able to prototype furniture designs on the machine in my garage and then send the designs to China for mass production.  Using this machine I developed a number of products that have been sold in stores across the country.

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