This page has a lot of my art and design work that doesn’t fit into normal tabs. Some of this artwork goes back even to my high school days. I have posted it here mainly as an archive of creative experiments.

Artist Corner

Clay Sculpture - High School Art Class

Architectural Marker Rendering - College

Castle in Coburg, Germany - Watercolor

Indian tree sculpture - Chainsaw Art

chainsaw sculpture dragon

Automotive and Motorcycle Design

Custom Paint Job on a 1995 Mustang

Closeup of Airbrush work I did on the hood

Real Fire Flames down the side

Air Brushed Gas Tank

Air Brushed Fender

Totally Restored and Redesigned Kawasaki 454

EVGT-40 All Electric GT-40 Replica

Knight kneels in front of Cross

Character Design

Knight in Armor

Posters and Logos

Health Watch

Marker Render of the EVGT-40 Design

Gold Coast EAA Logo Design

Photoshop Vampire

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