Andrew McClary



Art and Design

  • Over 20 years of experience working in multimedia including computer animation, dynamic web design, web database, iPhone, interactive CD-ROMs, printed materials, and broadcast television.
  • 10 years of experience working as a creative director developing campaigns and branding for company promotion, television shows, and product marketing. This includes designing logos, television show graphics packages, animated television show opens, trade show booths, and campaign printed materials.
  • Highly skilled in many creative softwares and languages including 3D Studio Max, Maya, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, CSS, PHP, javaScript, mSQL, and HTML5.
  • Designed and developed commercially sold products through the whole design process including: rough hand sketches, product development, 3D computer rendering, CAD/CAM drawings, prototyping, sourcing of the product for overseas manufacturing, and quality control of final product.
  • Designed and developed numerous highly realistic virtual sets for broadcast television. Process included design of the set, modeling in 3D software, working with directors and producers, and working with on-screen talent in green screen environments.
  • Experience in developing computer generated special effects including fire effects, explosions, rain, object replacement, wire removal, color enhancement, and other video effects.
  • Engineered and built an all electric sports car including programming for on board computer monitoring systems linked to battery management.
  • Skilled artist in traditional media as well including pen and ink, pencil, watercolor, and colored markers.

Project Management and Business Development

  • 20 Years experience running small businesses including business planning, hiring, budgeting, advertising, and cash flow.
  • Developed a line of furniture and gift items. This project included designing the products, assisting with sports licensing, test marketing, redesign, finding Chinese factories to manufacture the products, working with Chinese factories to establish quality control, and working with import brokers to bring containers of product into the United States.
  • Managed a multimedia design studio for 6 years including finding clients, authoring and producing projects, hiring talent, and managing time and assets.
  • Setup and managed web sites at 6 companies.
  • Managed large multimedia and video projects including management of budgets, materials, deadlines, talent, and content licensing.
  • Setup and managed an office network that included over 30 computers. This included linking together systems from sales, the animation department, show directors, and the producers. Animation side of the network included the handling of large video files and render farm on a centralized server.
  • Designed, developed, and programmed a television traffic and scheduling system for a television station. System included data basing incoming show tapes, scheduling programming and commercial, and outputting code to drive on-air automated tape queuing system. Application written in Microsoft Visual Basic.
  • Assisted in the setup and management of a 3,000 square foot warehouse. This included warehouse floor layout, helping with the development of systems of conducting business, working with Fed Ex to setup shipping systems, assisting in the development of customer terms and conditions, and managing warehouse staff.
  • Worked with business partners in developing business plans, marketing plans, and financial forecast for four startup companies.
  • 10 Years of experience coordinating efforts between the art department, producers, directors, and company owners for the development of broadcast television shows.
  • 14 Years of experience evaluating and hiring artists, talent, and office personnel.
  • Elected to the board of directors 3 years consecutively as well as serving as vice president aiding in the management of a 17 story ocean front condominium complex.

Work History

January 2016-Present
President / Lead Designer

McClary Design and Engineering

  • Build a bank of 3D printers for production for The Plastic Arms Dealer, a prop weapon maker for the 501st Legion and other costume groups.  (
  • Designed and manufacture a television display stand for Low Down Displays, specialty display stands for automotive and boat shows. (
  • Designed and manufactured an AR-15 and AK-47 speed loader for loading magazines at the gun range for ZHM Enterprises, LLC. (

March 2013-Present

CEO / Co-founder / Director / Editor

Car Show Televison, Inc.

  • Produced and edited 50 half hour cut for television episodes which have aired locally and are now airing nation wide.
  • Directed and shot the shows at car events all over the United States including Concour d’Elegances and Hot Rod Shows.
  • Designed and developed the company website (
  • Setup and maintained a Roku Channel which has over 65K subscribers worldwide.
  • Setup the Social Media plan and handle all aspects of the social media campaign to promote the show and show sponsors.  During our second season we had as many as 500k visitors monthly to our web site and Facebook page.
  • Handle all aspects of the television shows production.

May 2012-2014

CEO  / Lead Designer / Executive Producer

High Voltage Hot Rods, Inc

  • Setup a car shop to convert classic cars to all electric street rods.
  • Directed a pilot for a television show based on the builds done in the shop.
  • Setup suppliers for all of the parts for electric cars.
  • Worked with the electrical design and implementation of electric car conversion.
  • Designed mounting plates and adapters for electric motors to conventional transmissions.  Created g-code files to cut out the adapter plates on CNC routing equipment owned by the shop.
  • Engineered and built 2 fully functional full size electric cars. (EV-GT40 and Electrovair III)
  • Setup the company website

April 2011-May 2012

Vice President of Interactive Media

Legal Graphicworks

  • Worked with attorneys and law firms to create multimedia presentations for mediation and trials.
  • Used my years of experience in working with digital video to analyze and interpret surveillance video for the States Attorneys Office.
  • Testified in court as an expert witness on surveillance video analysis.
  • Analyzed gps and other accident data to recreate accidents with computer animation.
  • Designed and created web sites for Legal Graphicworks clients.

Aug. 2009-2010

Senior Developer / Partner


  • Created a iPhone app for playing back rock videos. (
  • Created backend for managing in app subscription services.

Oct. 2008-April 2011

Art / Web Diretor

O2 Media

  • Managed the company art department and responsible for companies web sites. Management of both in house talent and out sourced talent.
  • Developed company websites in ActionScript, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and mySQL( and
  • Created a backend system for television show scheduling and the daily delivery of videos and content to the web site.
  • Created company logos and branding.
  • Worked with social media sites Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube to market companies web sites.

Oct. 2007-Oct.2008

Art / Web Diretor

Five Star Productions

  • Managed the company art department and responsible for companies web sites. Management of both in house talent and out sourced talent.
  • Developed a community based web site for wine collectors
  • Created a backend system for television show scheduling and the daily delivery of videos and content to the web site. (
  • Produced multimedia presentations for Patron Spirits
  • 3D animation using 3D Studio Max

Apr. 2007


Da Vinci’s Pocket, Inc.

  • Attended sourcing conferences in Hong Kong and Shenhzen, China and met with Chinese suppliers to import product for the companies internet store.
  • Evaluated companies for product quality and ability to deliver product.
  • Met with Chinese companies to discuss products pricing, tour factories, and evaluate thier quality control.
  • Developed cost and profitability anylysis spreadsheets for each product.

Apr. 2006-Oct. 2007

Creative Director/ Product Sourcing

TV Taxi / One Model Place

  • Found and negotiated with Chinese suppliers to source products for the companies online store.
  • Researched and developed a business plan for creating an Asian version of the company web site and setting up partner agencies in Hong Kong and Beijing.
  • Provide creative direction to graphics and video production crews.
  • Wrote specifications for development projects. Maintain documentation WIKI for production.
  • Project management for web development projects.
  • Developed an online Flash video player.
  • Develop website components in Flash and actionScript. Developed Flash video site with actionScript, XML, PHP, and mySQL.
  • Developed Windows Vista Sidebar components.
  • Setup sitewide CSS design guidelines.
  • Involved in the design and specification for new product and feature development.
  • Animated television show opens in 3D Studio Max and After Effects.

Aug. 2003-Apr.2006

Co-founder, Project Manager, Designer, Asian sourcing

Fan Creations

  • Designed furniture and gift products for company using Photoshop, 3D Studio Max, and ArtCam Parts Wizard.
  • Constructed prototypes by programming Shopbot CNC equipment.
  • Designed company logo and branding.
  • Developed technical product specifications and managed the licensing process for 80 products for 17 major universities.
  • Applied for copyrights and design patents.
  • Designed print marketing materials for use by manufactures sales reps and marketing.
  • Designed trade show booth for use at sales conventions.
  • Developed website and online store.
  • Managed all importing of products including contract negotiation, international transportation and quality control.
  • Traveled to China to work with factory management on the implementation of packaging, product design review and quality control procedures.
  • Assisted in the systems, business procedures and accounting systems for product distribution.

Oct. 1997-Aug. 2003

Animation Director, Lead Animator, Network administrator

WJMK Productions / Cross TV

  • In charge of graphic design, special effects and animation for WJMK’s television programs and all of the broadcast graphics for Cross TV. This work included show opens, graphic tags, station IDs, and special effects.
  • Acted as Effects Technical Director on set for shots that involved CG effects, directing talent, lights and cameras.
  • Special work done on creating highly realistic virtual sets and compositing green screened video.
  • Directed green screen shoots virtual set shoots with Morley Safer and Walter Cronkite.
  • Animations created with Maya 2.5, 3D Studio Max 4.2, and Adobe After Effects 5.0.
  • Wrote CrossTV’s scheduling, traffic, and tape logging program using Visual Basic 5.0 with an Microsoft Access backend.
  • Created Web site animations and graphics using Flash 4.0.
  • Administered Windows NT network with 30+ users and 3DS Max rendering farm.


Developer, Vice President,

EMedCard, Inc.

  • Developed a program to create multimedia health cards using Visual Basic and HTML.
  • Assisted in developing a business plan for the creation of a company that would database and provide to its clients special cards which contained the persons medical records.


Vice President, Board of Directors

Royal Ambassador Condominium Association



Graphic Alchemy Interactive, Inc.

  • Completed various frelance animation programs for local post production houses.


Vice President,Creative Director

Flying Fish Productions, Inc.

  • Prototyped two childrens animated game titles and a childrens television animated series.
  • Assisted in the business models, fund raising and sponsorship activities of the above programs.
  • Produced Alias animation for Motorola, ESPN, and TNN.



Graphic Alchemy Interactive, Inc.

  • Designed, animated, programmed and directed commercially published CD-ROM projects.
  • Published CD-ROMs include “Exploring Ancient Architecture” and “Man in the Sea”. “Exploring Ancient Architecture” was displayed at Walt Disneys EPCOT Center in the Innoventions Pavilion and was choosen by PC Magazine as on of the top 100 CD-ROMs of 1994.
  • Design, animation,and consulting work was also done for major corporations such as BlockBuster Entertainment, IBM, and New Leaf Entertainment.
  • Animated animations for numerous post production and video companies throughout Florida and the United States.


Animation Systems Engineer

Image Resources, Inc.

Image Resources was a small computer sales and engineering firm specializing in high end graphic systems.

  • Handled all PC based animation systems engineering and training for Autodesk 3D Studio.
  • Technology research, systems engineering, sales, training, and account maintence.
  • Resposible for accounts including companies like Walt Disney World Design and Engineering, General Mills Foods, IBM, and numerous production studios in Central and Southern Florida.


3D Animator

Avatar Systems

  • Resposible for setting up an animation studio within the company based upon Autodesk 3D Studio and At&T Topas softwares.
  • Created 3D computer models and renderings for architectural and engineering based firms in South Florida.


Architectural Intern

RTKL Associates Architects, Inc.

  • Part of a small team of designers which worked on the designs for two malls in San Paolo, Brasil and additions to to malls in Gwinett county, Georgia.
  • Participated in design sketches, building models, producing “quick marker” renderings for presentations, drafting construction documents, and CADD system network maintence .


  • 1998 Advanced Maya for Alias Users
    Gnomon Training Facility, Holywood, CA
  • 1995 Alias Power Animator personalized on site Training
    Alias / Wavefront
  • 1986-1991 Bachelor of Architecture, Bachelor of Science
    Ball State University, College of Architecture and Planning
    (First architectural thesis presented with computer based animation and multimedia.)


  • Telly Award – Broadcast graphics 2000
  • Nominated for Top 3D Artist Web Ring – 1998
  • Computer Pictures Magazine – Third Place, 3D Commercial Illustration 1992
  • Caddence Magazine CADDY award for an architectural animation 1993
  • PC Magazine Top 100 CD-ROMs 1994
  • Ball State University State Scholarship

Computer Skills

  • 3D Animation – Autodesk 3D Studio Max, Maya
  • 2D Animation- Adobe After Effects, Adobe Flash
  • Paint- Adobe Photoshop, Micrographics Picture Publisher
  • Digital Video- Avid, Adobe Premiere
  • Multimedia/ Web Authoring- Flash ActionScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, mySQL, javaScript
  • Programming- iPhone Object C, Flash ActionScript, PHP, javaScript, Visual Basic 4-6.0
  • Embedded Systems -Arduino Script, Propeller Spin
  • Operating Systems- Ubuntu Linux, Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0 Server, IRIX 6.2, Windows 98, Windows 95, Apache Server
  • Web CMS- Joomla, Media Wiki, ZennCart, Word Press

Web site designs

Hobbies and Interests

  • Electric Automobile fabrication and design (
  • Motorcycle Design and Fabrication (
  • Photography
  • Taekwondo
  • Ultralight Aircraft -Licensed Pilot and Ultralight Basic Flight Instructor
  • SCUBA Diving
  • Airbrush
  • Sailing
  • RC Aircraft and Cars

Copyright 2010 Andrew McClary