Knight Hawk Customs

Posted by Andrew on Nov 12, 2015 in cars |


After working hard for the last 3 years on Car Show TV, the bug to start designing cars and car parts has led me to opening my own design and engineering firm McClary Design which will produce car parts under the brand name KnightHawk Customs.  Though I have continued some of my work with High Voltage Hot Rods and kept the company open providing parts to local projects, that company name no longer reflects the direction that I want the company to go.  I have been working on adding a number of custom parts to Knight Hawk Customs inventory which is being sold on our new website and on eBay.  This inventory of parts will continue to grow with new parts every week.   The firm will not be doing full car builds, but will be working with other custom car builders to provide some unique CNC milled parts.

Besides the automotive world, I plan on continuing my work in robotics with my son Andy helping me with the engineering.  I have already done some projects in this field with mobile camera crane robot which we used in banner-1Car Show TV.

One of the first electronic projects that the company will be undertaking is an open source platform for adding a car computer to classic and custom cars.  Based on a Raspberry Pi computer system, the computer will allow classic and custom car builders to add a full media center, GPS Navigation, as well as car monitoring and controls for what ever they might dream up.



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