Car Show Television Looks Forward to 2014

Posted by Andrew on Dec 20, 2013 in cars, Employment |

Andrew, Alex, and Claudia pose with the cast of American Graffiti at Daytona Turkey Run

Car Show Television has just completed its 26th episode of 2013 and looks forward to a great 2014. As the co-creator of the show, editor, host, and executive producer the show has really been a labor of love. Alex Berry, my partner in the show, and I have worked hard to not only make the show a success but also to bring light to the car community here in Florida.

The show started out in the spring as an idea over lunch between myself and Alex. Both of us avid car fanatics, we had been attending the numerous car shows here in Florida and noticed that most of the spectators had no idea of the work, blood, sweat, and tears that many of the owner of these cars put into their cars. Many of the owners had restored some of these old beauties from barn finds with their own hands in their garages, while others had paid lots of money to craftsmen to restore the cars to their former beauty. We thought there should be a show to give all of these guys a place to tell their stories. Every car has a story. The next weekend we were in production for the first episode of Car Show Television being funded on our own dime.

Car Show Television has come a long way since that first weekend. Not only did the owner displaying their cars like the idea, but we soon had lots of requests to come and film cars and shows. Shortly after airing the show on our website, we were approached by and picked up by The Auto Channel (WHDT) to air every Saturday night in the South Florida television market. It wasn’t long before almost every car show organizer and car owner in South Florida knew us and watched the show.

As our audience grew so did our reach. We soon began covering shows in Orlando, Lakeland, Daytona, and even a show up in my home state of Indiana. As we move into 2014 we have plans to extend even further by covering shows across the country and seeking television time slots on stations in the other major US and foreign markets. The show can also be viewed on the internet at, Youtube, and Vimeo. If you like going to car shows and talking to car owners and hearing the cars story, check out Car Show Television. See you at the car shows.

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