Covers the South Florida Car Scene

Posted by Andrew on May 10, 2013 in Web Design | Website

As many people who know me know, I am an avid fan of cars.  A few years back I spent 3 years of my evening building my own electric powered Ford GT-40 replica which I have called the EVGT-40.  This led eventually lead me into creating High Voltage Hot Rods to help others build their own electric cars.  While taking my own car around to car shows in South Florida I was meeting a lot of interesting people and quickly discovered that there was a story behind every car that showed up at these shows.  Weather it was a classic car that they wanted as a kid, or one that the family owned, there was a story.  In many cases the classic and custom cars were the fruits of lots of love and labor just like my own EVGT-40.  These stories needed to be told.

Two months ago my friend and business partner, Alex Berry, a walking automotive encyclopedia by the way, decided that we were going to use our 20 years of experience in the broadcast and web industry to start a new web site and news gathering organization called “Car Show Television”.  We started going to car shows and gathering these stories along with great high def videos of the cars and putting them on the web site I designed. was born.  So now every weekend you can find Alex and I out there at the car shows gathering peoples stories.

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