Electrovair III – All Electric Corvair

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The Completed Electrovair III

My first commercial project for High Voltage Hot Rods was to create an all electric 1966 Corvair Monza Convertable.  This project was done for Larry Mills, an electrical engineer from Tyco.  He had had a Corvair as a kid, and always wanted a convertible.   A big fan of electric cars, he also wanted one that was electric.

My rendering of what we wanted the car to look like when complete.


Working with Brant Cohen, Brant and I removed the engine and transmission.  I then re-engineered the drive train to take a AC50 64hp electric motor.   The adapter plates were cut on our Shopbot CNC milling machine to mount the motor directly to the torque converter of the Powerglide 2 speed transmission.

Cutting the Motor Adapter Plates I designed

The finished power train

The Motor Mount I designed and cut on the Shopbot CNC

The motor and transaxel mounted in place. Not the addition of a steel frame that I welded into the engine compartment. This holds not only the motor but the battery boxes as well.

Lithium batteries, speed controller, and motor prior to being wired. 

The High Voltage Hot Rods shop in the back of Brants.


The finished system completely wired

The Electrovair III charging

The dash of the car that was assembled by Larry

Showing off both of my babies at the Super Car Show

Open House at the shop to celebrate the finished car


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