Video Formats Explained – HTML5

Posted by Andrew on Feb 25, 2011 in Web Design

I have been working with computer video formats since they first came out with Cinapak on the “Video Spigot”.  At that time it was a miracle to get any video to play on a computer.  Since that time video on a computer has gotten very common place.   I work with a lot of people […]


CNC Creations

Posted by Andrew on Feb 22, 2011 in CNC Operation

In 2001, I came across an ad for a piece of equipment called a Shopbot.  It was a CNC, computer numerically controlled router, that could be programmed to cut out 2D and 3D parts from wood, fiberboard, and soft metals.   I took my knowledge of 3D computer modeling and brought what had just been […]


Tracking clicks in an email or web page

Posted by Andrew on Feb 1, 2011 in Code

Tracking the number of clicks and the URL that the user clicked on can be very beneficial in a commercial email or on a web page.  To do this we pass the actual click through a link forwarding system which does the tracking.  It works like this.  The link that is used in the email […]

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