Car Show Television at Amelia Island Concours dElegance

Posted by Andrew on Mar 10, 2014 in cars

Andrew McClary and Alex Berry shooting show at Amelia Island


Car Show Television got a chance to visit Amelia Island Concours dElegnace last weekend.  It was an amazing event and a highlight of my career in television.  I have been to lots of car shows, but this one is at the top of the list for the best I have ever been to.  Ever single car at the event was either historically significant or extremely rare. Read more…


Car Show Television Looks Forward to 2014

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Andrew, Alex, and Claudia pose with the cast of American Graffiti at Daytona Turkey Run

Car Show Television has just completed its 26th episode of 2013 and looks forward to a great 2014. As the co-creator of the show, editor, host, and executive producer the show has really been a labor of love. Alex Berry, my partner in the show, and I have worked hard to not only make the show a success but also to bring light to the car community here in Florida. Read more…


Andrew McCary Speaks at TEDx Jupiter

Posted by Andrew on Dec 20, 2013 in Electric Cars

I got the honor of being invited to speak at TEDx Jupiter in November. I was asked to give a talk on my experience with electric cars and where I thought the technology should go. It was a great honor to be in the room with so many scientist, artists, and people with great ideas.


I don’t do anything illegal. Why do I care if the government spies on me? – You should!

Posted by Andrew on Aug 12, 2013 in Politics

“I don’t do anything illegal.  Why do I care if the government spies on me?”  This is a comment I have heard many times by naive people who don’t think it through.  Unfortunately that seems to be a common enough thought even for many individuals who I consider very intelligent.  But I want to explain to you why it is naive and how giving this power to any government for any reason is dangerous and needs to be stopped now. Read more…

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An IT View of Prism and its Dangers – Its not a partisan issue

Posted by Andrew on Jun 11, 2013 in Politics

Major Andrew McClary fighting for freedom

Its very interesting the the whistle blower is a mid level IT manager.  Even more so that he is a contractor.  But the fact that he held these positions should be our wake up call to the real dangers of data collection by both the US Government and by private companies.   Just the collection of “private” conversations, emails, and text into a digital database is extremely dangerous.
Read more…


CarShowTelevision.com Covers the South Florida Car Scene

Posted by Andrew on May 10, 2013 in Web Design

CarShowTelevision.com Website

As many people who know me know, I am an avid fan of cars.  A few years back I spent 3 years of my evening building my own electric powered Ford GT-40 replica which I have called the EVGT-40.  This led eventually lead me into creating High Voltage Hot Rods to help others build their own electric cars.  While taking my own car around to car shows in South Florida I was meeting a lot of interesting people and quickly discovered that there was a story behind every car that showed up at these shows.  Weather it was a classic car that they wanted as a kid, or one that the family owned, there was a story.  In many cases the classic and custom cars were the fruits of lots of love and labor just like my own EVGT-40.  These stories needed to be told. Read more…


Starting High Voltage Creatives – A multimedia SWAT team

Posted by Andrew on Feb 6, 2013 in Animation, Web Design

Part of the business plan for High Voltage Hot Rods was to acquire the needed resources to do both a television series and web sites that would both promote the company as well as educate people about the benefits of electric cars.  The company now has access to professional video, audio, and lighting equipment as well as state of the art editing and graphics systems.  There is also a small team of highly skilled programmers, social media experts, and artists in place that can develop and execute internet multimedia campaigns and web sites.  This equipment and team is being spun off as High Voltage Creatives to bring the same level of work that is being done for High Voltage Hot Rods to others in the business community.

This move was done to allow the team to grow and move into other sectors while still doing the work required for High Voltage Hot Rods.  This small team can be deployed to quickly produce web and multimedia resources from small brochure type web sites to full on web applications and video production.

Some of the services that will be offered include:

  • Front and back end web design (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and PHP)
  • Motion Graphics both for the web and broadcast video (After Effects and 3D Studio Max)
  • Short Form video production (HD Video Rig, GoPro Action Cam, Steady Cam, Lighting)
  • Viral Video scripting and production
  • Video Editing (Final Cut)

For more information or to schedule a consultation contact Andrew McClary or go to www.HighVoltageCreatives.com.  (Our new web site is under construction and will grow as we have the time.)


Electrovair III – All Electric Corvair

Posted by Andrew on Jan 26, 2013 in Electric Cars

The Completed Electrovair III

My first commercial project for High Voltage Hot Rods was to create an all electric 1966 Corvair Monza Convertable.  This project was done for Larry Mills, an electrical engineer from Tyco.  He had had a Corvair as a kid, and always wanted a convertible.   A big fan of electric cars, he also wanted one that was electric. Read more…

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High Voltage Hot Rods – Front Page of Palm Beach Post Biz Section

Posted by Andrew on Jan 23, 2013 in Electric Cars

January 13, 2013 Palm Beach Post


Thanks to the Susan Salisbury for a great article on High Voltage Hot Rods on the front page of the Sunday Business Section of the Palm Beach Post.

“Andrew McClary, Alex Berry and Brant Cohen, partners in Boca Raton-based High Voltage Hot Rods, which takes classic cars and converts them to performance-based electric cars, are out to educate people about today’s electric car.

The cars they are converting or plan to convert, such as the ‘66 Corvair, the ‘66 Mustang and the ‘57 Thunderbird, provide a nostalgic appeal to car buffs. They use either an old car, or a reproduction of the classic car. It’s also about speed. Many of the vehicles have the ability to go from zero to 60 miles per hour in under five seconds.”  Click here to read the whole article

Thanks also to Palm Beach Post staff Photographer Gary Coronado for taking a great photo.

Top – Alex Berry, Left – Brant Cohen, Right – Andrew McClary

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Posted by Andrew on Aug 5, 2012 in Web Design


Putting the finishing touches on a new website for Mark-It-Now, Inc. This really cool website allows you to upload your own artwork to the website and order your very own personalized iPhone case.  It was a new twist on the traditional shopping cart but has come out looking really nice.  Many of the stock iPhone designs on the site are also my artwork.

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